Visual Management Consulting

From the beginning of 2018 we were exploring, what might be the new services, that our company can offer to our clients. After long discussions, brainstorming or just chatting, we decided that there is a big opportunity in the area of Visual Management, where we may bring additional value and deliver our service End to End – from concept to realization.

Why Visual Management

You already know, that we are providing Lean Six Sigma training and consulting. But we selected specialization in Visual Management from various reasons:

  • Widely used in different processes from Manufacturing to Administration
  • Foundation to the Visual Factory and Visual Workplace;
  • Supports all stages of the 5S methodology;
  • Ensures smooth flow of inventory, people and resources; and
  • Easy to use, difficult to implement correctly.

Visual Factory and Visual Workplace

Those two concepts are both supported by the 5S methodology. If you want to run effective production, you need to have your environment in good shape i.e. Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain (5S). This is supported by visual controls in your workplace and all Visual Workplaces together create Visual Factory.

We will support our clients from audit of the current state, to the production and implementation of customized visual controls. We believe, that visual controls can be applied throughout any business process and there are opportunities, even if you cannot see them. Our services covers for example following areas, but there are many more:

  • Lean Warehousing and Label Management;
  • Visual Workplace with sorted tools;
  • Organization and support to stand-up meetings;
  • Efficient problem solving; and
  • Visual controls in IT and Administrative processes (e.g. ITIL, Change Management, Procurement, Invoice processing).

Visual controls

The advantage of our service is the value added by consulting services. However, we understand, that the visual aids and their quality is important as well. We partner with leading companies from UK, Germany and US in order to provide high quality materials. For Czech market, we can deliver translated versions of all the materials. Our variety is broad and here are some examples:

  • Problem solving whiteboards;
  • Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost boards;
  • Kanban Cards;
  • Inventory labels;
  • Document classification;
  • Shadow boxes;
  • etc.

Contact us

We will soon launch our new website, that will provide all the information about our services. In the meantime, you can find all the information here or you can reach out to us.