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Chateaux Lnare is located approx. 100kms South-West from Prague. Our team has created communications strategy including webpages as well as social media profile. Under Czech Promo, we are also organising events in the venue. 


Even though Lean, Visual Management and 5S are not among sexy topics now, this will change in the future. We educate and consult with passion and provide full set of products in cooperation with French market leader iObeya and courses including Lean Six Sigma training and certification for Yellow, Green and Black Belt.  Visit our site for more details.


We love what we do! No matter if it’s organising bachelorette party in Prague, preparing wedding reception outside of the city or running charity event in hidden chateaux in South Bohemia, our foreign guests always get astonished by the beauty of the Czech Republic and we happily promote all virtues that this country offers. Find out more about our newest project on